Milling (machining)

We provide CNC milling service with following machines:

  1. HAAS VF-4SS – Automatic pallet changer, up to 4 axis
  2. HAAS VM-3 – Up to 4 axis
  3. HAAS VF-2 – Up to 4 axis
  4. HAAS TM-1 – Up to 4 axis
  5. HAAS VF2-SS – Up to 4 axis


We use up-to-date CAD/CAM software for efficient progamming and set-ups. . Mastecarm X9; Siemens – Sinumerik; CIMCO; Solid Edge Premium etc helps to produce high precision and difficult details, following precisely your demands.

Size and materials:

CNC milling stations worktables are in range of:

  1. 1270 mm x 508 mm x 635 mm

Daily materials:

    1. Carbon and Stainless steel
    2. Brass and Bronze
    3. Aluminium alloys, casts/profiles
    4. Plastics (POM, PA, PP etc.)