Beside custom details production we provide professional and clean assembly from custom mechanical to standard details. We follow clients standards7instructions and make testing.
Assembly operations in Radius Machining OÜ factory rises your supply-chain efficiency and lowers cost for logistic.

Clean assembly department lays on 500m2 and is separated of CNC factory. We can provide the assemlies up to end custom packing.
Our assembly department average clients are companies who are concentrated to their strengths and sales and like to leave the production operations from component to assemblied semi-or end product.
Ask quotation for assembly radius@radius or directly you account manager.

Assembly department services:

  • CNC details assembly – machined, lasercut etc
  • Standard details assembly – DIN details, electronics, box-building
  • Engraving – mechanical and laser
  • Testing – Quality control
  • Packing and labeling
  • Storage and logistic. Logistic handling up to our client customers and re-sellers.